November 6, 2023


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Ever since childhood, Joe’s passion for cars burned brightly, and among the various roaring engines and sleek designs, the Subaru 22B stood out as a pinnacle of automotive excellence.

The 22B wasn’t just any car; it’s a legendary beast, a limited edition with only ~400 units manufactured and exclusive to certain countries. The iconic blue with gold wheels sparked a feverish desire in Joe, but its rarity and high price tag made it an elusive dream.

Undeterred, Joe delved into the 22B’s history, learning about its genesis as a celebration of Subaru’s 40th anniversary, its turbocharged power, and its triumphant rally heritage. As the knowledge grew, so did a fierce determination within Joe to own this automotive legend.

With unyielding resolve, Joe has embarked on an ambitious journey. Knowing that the market price for a 22B was beyond reach, Joe’s made a bold decision – to build one. Piece by piece, Joe gathers components, researches meticulously, and dedicates long hours in the garage, laboring over the assembly of a car that mirrors the elusive 22B.