June 17, 2019

Championship Winning STI

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As a business that’s rooted from all things with motor, we can probably say we’ve seen it all. Though in some cases seeing it all isn’t the same when it comes to your door and wants to work with you. Daniel Steinback, one of our customers, made our jaws drop with his extremely clean championship winning Limited Hawkeye STI.

You can literally flip this car upside down and eat off it.

Form and function. The expression has been thrown around a little too much without living to it meaning. Steinback made sure he beated this path thoroughly.  Competing in autocross definitly made him change perception about his build. As most of us have a daily racecar we want to track, we typically all learn quickly it’s not the best idea. Sacrifices will be made on both ends. Whether it be the comfort on the street or the seconds on the track.

A decade ago Steinback bought his car brand new with the intentions of not having the Subaru blue interior and massive wing. So he opted with no wing and the exquisite leather interior. Amongst most Subaru interiors I’ve seen they did this model justice. 

Steinback built upon that with Leather Recaro Pole Position seats. He stated he also exercises the idea of “form and function” whole heartedly.

She's as pretty on the outside as she is on the inside.

Steinback keeps this puppy on track with some sharp 18×12 Volk CE28’s wrapped in good ole Hoosiers.

If you want some more detail from the Champion himself, check out his breakdown of his car in the video!