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Dyno Tuning

With the complexity of modern ECU's, tuning is essential in order to realize appropriate gains from engine modifications. The ECU of today is responsible for emissions, fuel economy, protecting drivetrain components and monitoring many sensors. Calibrations from the manufacturer are very specifically designed to optimize all of the above and it is easy to ruin the calibration with the simplest of bolt-on performance parts. Nowadays, it is essential to recalibrate the ECU to take advantage of performance parts and ensure that the engine is still operating to it's full potential in a safe manner.

Dyno testing and tuning is available on our state-of the art Mustang Dyno.

Certified, in house COBB Tuning Pro-Tuner, Dave Brown.

Subaru COBB ProTune Pricing

  • Stage1/2 EJ ProTune with Stock Injectors $425
  • Stage 1/2 +15 WRX ProTune $425
  • ProTune with Aftermarket Injectors and/or Turbo $525
    • 2 maps*
      • 93 High Boost
      • 93 Low Boost
  • ProTune with E85 $625
    • 4 maps
      • 93 High Boost
      • 93 Low Boost
      • E85 High Boost
      • E85 Low Boost
  • ProTune with Flexfuel $725
  • Re-ProTune
    • Retune $225 (within ONE year of previous tune)
      • Please inquire if this retune pricing applies to your specific modifications

*E85 and Flex Fuel Tune pricing Includes drain and fill of fuel tank.
**Customers required to bring in 10 gallons of E85.

Tuning appointments require $100 non-refundable deposit in advance towards the tune. Vehicles are subject to a pre-dyno tune inspection. Additional diagnostic repair costs may occur for vehicles that do not pass the pre-dyno inspection.